Easy File Extension filtering with EMC Celerra

Are your users filling up your CIFS fileserver with MP3 files?  Sick of sending out emails outlining IT policies, asking for their removal?  However your manage it now, the best way to avoid the problem in the first place is to set up filtering on your CIFS server file shares.

So, to use the same example, lets say you don’t want your users to store MP3 files on your \\PRODFILES\Public share.

1. Navigate to the \\PRODFILES\C$ administrative share.

2. Open the folder in the root directory called .filefilter

3. Create an empty text file called mp3@public in the .filefilter folder.

4. Change the windows security on the file to restrict access to certain active directory groups or individuals.

That’s it!  Once the file is created and security is set, users who are restricted by the file security will no longer be able to copy MP3 files to the public share.  Note that this will not remove any existsing MP3 files from the share, it will only prevent new ones from being copied.

9 thoughts on “Easy File Extension filtering with EMC Celerra”

  1. We have file extension filtering working great for things like MP3’s and WMA’s, but is there a way to filter out just a specific file? We don’t want users to be able to write desktop.ini to a share. Can that be accomplished with the Celerra file filtering without blocking all .ini files?

    1. Hi Larry. Sorry to tell you that there is no way to block a specific file name on the Celerra, this feature is for blocking file extensions only. My only suggestion would be to run a batch job/shell script from an alternate server that scans that share and deletes or moves desktop.ini.

  2. Hi emcsan, I try to apply this method and it works without any problem but my question is, how can we exclude a type file filtering in a specify folder. For example, if a create mp3@share1 , how can I do to people can store mp3 in Share1/StoreOfMp3 ? Regards, Tony

    1. Hi Tony,

      File extension filtering occurs at the data mover or CIFS share level and cannot be done at the folder level within a share. If a file system contains nested shares, the share name used to map the network drive determines what filtering policy is in effect and does not change at nested share boundaries.

  3. Hi emcsan,

    My question is more on the configuration of this. I am trying to do file filtering on my SAN at the moment. If you just want to blanket your entire SAN do you just make a text file and call it JUST pst? No @sharename?

    Also, when you say to go to root directory and go into the .filefilter folder. On my VNX when i go to root\c$ there is the main share and a .etc folder. the .filefilter filder is inside the .etc folder. This is correct?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Lance. That is correct, if you wanted to blanket every share on the data mover you would leave off the “@sharename”. And yes, by “root” folder I was referring to the C$ share.

  4. Hi, i would like to only permit .pst files on my share, and forbid all the others files, how i could do that ? Thank you !

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