Powerpath Install / Upgrade Issues

I recently had several issues when attempting to upgrade a Windows 2008 server from Powerpath v5.3 to v5.5 SP1. I uninstalled 5.3 using the windows utility, rebooted, then reinstalled v5.5 SP1. After the reboot, the server did not come back up. In order to get it to boot, the “last known good configuration” option had to be chosen. I opened an SR with EMC, and they determined that the uninstall process was not completing correctly.

To resolve the problem, you need to run the executable from the command line and add a few parameters. The name of the Powerpath install file will vary depending on the version you are installing, but the command looks like this:

EMCPower.Net32.signed.5.3.b310.exe /v”/L*v C:\logs\PPremove.log NO_REBOOT=1 PPREMOVE=ALL”

In this example, the c:\logs directory must exist before you run it. After running that command to uninstall powerpath and then reinstalling the new version, I no longer had the problem of the server not booting correctly.

After properly installing it, I continued to have a problem with Powerpath administrator not properly recognizing the devices. All of the devices showed up as “DEV ??”. I also saw “harddisk ??” when running powermt display dev=all. To resolve the problem I ran through the following steps:

1. Open Device Manager under Disks, and right-click the device drive that had a yellow ‘!’.
2. Choose “Update Driver Software”.
3. Click on “Browse my comptuer for driver software”.
4. Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
5. In the next screen make sure the “Show compatible hardware” box is checked.
6. Under the Model list you should see the ‘PowerPath Devices’ driver. Highlight it and click next. This will install the PowerPath Driver. When it is done it will require a reboot. Once the server has come back online run another: ‘powermt display dev=all’ to see that the harddisk?? will have changed to harddisk## as expected.

6 thoughts on “Powerpath Install / Upgrade Issues”

  1. Truely amazing !! I like this kind of stuff available online for quick reference. Thanks for your efforts on posting this article.

  2. Hi Steve

    You are not alone in this! I installed PowerPath 5.5 SP1 onto a server that did not previously have PP installed and had LUNS presented to it.

    Normally this has not been an issue and PP picks up the disks fine and trundles on however in this instance it did not pull all of the disks back at all. There were severe delays in disk re-scanning and bringing resources back online. One of the servers took 15 minutes to rebuild the disk structure.

    I logged a call with EMC and we ran through uninstalling PP and MPIO and then re-installing both. All disks came back online apart from one that came up with the error you experienced. Again I found that the driver had not installed correctly and did as your blog said. All of the disks are now present.

    I have gone back to EMC and pointed to your article saying that I don’t feel alone in this issue and have asked for an answer.

    Thanks again (yes I have used your blog multiple times) for your posts.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jon. I wasted many hours of my time during our last maintenance window getting this issue resolved. I’m glad I was able to help you out more than once with my blog.

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