What’s new in EMC Control Center Update Bundle 14 (UB14)?

I’m in the process right now of upgrading our ECC installation from UB12 to UB14.  I’ll be making another post soon with the steps I took to complete the upgrade.  Below is a list of all the new features in UB14.

  • Added support for Oracle 11g.
  • Added Oracle 64-bit support in ControlCenter for 64-bit operating systems.
  • Added support for VMAX 1.5 and CKD devices.
  • Added support for Solutions Enabler 7.5.
  • Added support to discover and display new Federated Tiered Storage (FTS).
  • Added support for EMC CentraStar® 4.2.2.
  • Added support for Java 1.7 update 7.
  • Added support for HDS WLA by using JRE 1.7.
  • Added support for the availability of pool compression information in STS query builder while generating custom reports.
  • Added support for Mixed RAID types in VNX storage pool.
  • Added a new memory check during installation to verify if 4GB of RAM is available to install/upgrade UB14 in an all-in-one setup.
  • Added a new memory check during installation to verify if 3GB of RAM is available to install/upgrade UB14 in a distributed setup.
  • Added a new disk space check during installation to verify if minimum disk space is available for UB14 upgrade in both all-in-one and distributed setups and notify users if the requirement is not met.
  • Added support to export/import database to/from an external drive.
  • Added new free disk space availability alert.
  • Removed support for Symmetrix, SDM, and CLARiiON agents on HP-UX and AIX operating systems.
  • EMC Ionix ControlCenter 6.1 Update Bundle 14 Read Me 3
  • Removed support for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0.
  • Added support to discover or rediscover Managed Objects through NAS, CLARiiON, Symmetrix, and Host Agents using DefaultHiddenDCP feature.
  • Added support to change the fully qualified domain name of non-infrastructure hosts or platforms.
  • Added support to remove virtual machines marked as Deleted on the console automatically using a scheduled job that runs every day.
  • Added support to reserve connections for WLA communications.
  • Added support to optimize the mechanism of sending MOLIST for Brocade switches.
  • Added support to optimize performance statistics collection for WLA.
  • Added support to optimize provider calls for switch and fabric discovery.
  • Added support to optimize logging and error handling in agent.
  • Added support to start processing opcode only after the agent INITX initialization.
  • Added virtual provisioning support for CLARiiON FLARE 28.
  • Added support to edit MessageReplyTimeout value in Gateway agent ini file.
  • Improved error messages in console for action.
  • Improved Store log to simplify root cause determination of issues.
  • Reduced Integration Gateway agent crashes.

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