Archiving NAZ and NAR files from EMC VNX and Clariion arrays

It can be useful to copy and archive naz and nar files from all arrays to a local server.  It’s useful for helping EMC with troubleshooting efforts, general health checks, and researching historical trends.   I use them often with our EMC technical rep when a workload analysis is done, and it’s much faster to simply have them all copied somewhere automatically on a daily basis.

Not all of our arrays have an analyzer license, so the files are stored in “naz” format rather than “nar” format.  The naz files need to be sent to emc for decryption before they can be used by a customer.

The windows shell script below will store the current date in a variable, attempt to start analyzer and then pull the current file.  Arrays that don’t have an analyzer license will only run data collection for a maximum of 7 days.  The script attempts to start the service every day, so if it happens to have been 7 days it will start back up.  I set the archive interval to 600 seconds and run the script every 24 hours.


For /f “tokens=2-4 delims=/ ” %%a in (‘date /t’) do (set date=%%a-%%b-%%c)
For /f “tokens=1-3 delims=: ” %%a in (‘time /t’) do (set time=%%a-%%b-%%c)
for /f “tokens=1-7 delims=:/-, ” %%i in (‘echo exit^|cmd /q /k”prompt $d $t”‘) do (
   for /f “tokens=2-4 delims=/-,() skip=1” %%a in (‘echo.^|date’) do (
      set dow=%%i
      set %%a=%%j
      set %%b=%%k
      set %%c=%%l
      set hh=%%m
      set min=%%n
      set ss=%%o
echo Array01a
naviseccli -h Array01a analyzer -start
echo Array02a
naviseccli -h Array02a analyzer -start
echo Array03a
naviseccli -h Array03a analyzer -start
echo Array04a
naviseccli -h Array04a analyzer -start
echo Array05a
naviseccli -h Array05a analyzer -start
echo Array06a
naviseccli -h Array05a analyzer -start
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array01a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00111100006_SPA_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array01
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array01b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00111100006_SPB_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array01
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array02a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00111000005_SPA_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array02
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array02b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00111000005_SPB_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array02
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array03a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00182700004_SPA_%date%-%time%.nar -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array03
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array03b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00182700004_SPB_%date%-%time%.nar -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array03
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array04a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00122600000_SPA_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array04
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array04b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00122600000_SPB_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array04
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array05a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00122700001_SPA_%date%-%time%.nar -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array05
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array05b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00122700001_SPB_%date%-%time%.nar -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array05
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array06a analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00132900002_SPA_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array06
NaviSECCli.exe -h Array06b analyzer -archiveretrieve -file APM00132900003_SPB_%date%-%time%.naz -Location D:\SAN\narcollection\Array06


4 thoughts on “Archiving NAZ and NAR files from EMC VNX and Clariion arrays”

  1. Hi. Clariion/VNX novice here. Do you know of a way to replicate luns between two VNX’s? We’re getting a second one in the same location so I’m thinking if I could replicate my vmware datastores, I would no longer need the short term on site back up platform. (vRanger) Thanks!

  2. Thanks! That’s very helpful. I’m assuming these options are not included and would require additional licensing from EMC for this feaure?. :/

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