Creating an NFS export from a file system on a Virtual Data Mover (VDM)

When creating a new file system on a virtual data mover, you may have noticed that it can’t be NFS exported from within Unisphere.  From the GUI, file systems associated with a VDM do not appear on the drop down list for NFS exports when you attempt to create one.  I had always assumed that it simply couldn’t be done until we had a business need for it and I investigated it a bit further.  As it turns out NFS exports can be mounted on a VDM path from the command line interface, with a few restrictions.

1. You need to export the NFS mountpoint at the physical Data Mover level (server_2, server_3, etc.) and include the nested path of the VDM.  The path is generally /root_vdm_X/fs_name. You cannot export the NFS on the VDM level.

2. Since the NFS export is done at the physical Data Mover level it is not restricted to one specific VDM.

3. The nested NFS export can only be done from command line, it is not an option from within Unisphere.  Once you have created the NFS export, however, you can use the GUI to make changes to it.

4. The client must map the NFS export by using celerra:/root_vdm_X/fs_name, or they need to set up NFS export aliasing to hide the nested path.

5. IP replication of the VDM will not replicate the source site NFS exports to the destination site. You will need to manually create those NFS exports on the destination side. Also, you cannot access those file systems unless the VDM has failed over.

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