My name is Steve Engelhardt.  I’ve been in IT for over 20 years now, and throughout my career I’ve had a wide array of responsibilities and I’ve touched a wide variety of technologies.  My responsibilities have included windows and UNIX server administration, server virtualization, network administration, business continuity, SAP software & infrastructure administration, and SAN and storage administration. With all that experience I have a few tricks up my sleeve after all this time, and part of the purpose of this blog was to share some of that experience.  I have professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and Dell EMC.  My most recent job transition in this field was to full time SAN and Storage Administration, which has been my exclusive responsibility since 2010.

I currently work for a global Fortune 500 company in the enterprise storage group and have on the job experience with EMC, IBM, NetApp, Brocade, Cisco and Pure hardware deployed in data centers around the globe.  I’ve been responsible for the management and administration of all of this hardware in my various roles.  In many cases storage vendors don’t always provide all of the tools (or documentation) you need, and as a result administrators like us sometimes have to get a bit creative to get the job done.  A big part of that creativity is finding alternative solutions to issues that arise, which often results in the creation of custom tools and scripts to address those issues.  I’ve created many custom scripts in scenarios like that, many of which are shared on this blog.  Along with those scripts, I’ll be posting tips and tricks I’ve picked up about SAN and Storage administration here, as well as some simple, “work smarter not harder” tips for every day tasks, industry news and trends, and some general info as well.  All comments on this blog are screened and moderated before they will appear, but are welcome and encouraged.  I will try to answer questions that are posted, although I can’t always answer them all.

This blog is my own and the posts found here reflect my personal opinions. The published information is not approved by any hardware vendor.



Enterprise Storage Engineer

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