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Roadmap for cryptocurrency exchange development

Many experts and crypto enthusiasts still didn’t get a clear viewpoint to build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform for their exchange business solution. Here I explained step by step processes to build your exchange platform.  

10 steps to launch your bitcoin exchange platform:

  1. Identify the location where you want to launch your exchange platform.
  2. Get the proper licenses from the targeted location.
  3. Ensure What type of exchange you want to launch (CEX, DEX, Hybrid).
  4. Analysis of the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency exchange industry.
  5. Find the trusted & best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software, providers.
  6. Connect your exchanges with others to create more liquidity.
  7. Combine with payment gateway.
  8. Go live via beta testing.
  9. Start marketing & PR campaigns.
  10. Offer 24*7 customer support.

A crypto exchange platform is a market with the provision of services such as enabling users to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies based on their requirements but charges a commission for successful transactions.

Before building your own exchange, you need to know about the roadmap of the cryptocurrency exchange development!

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