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AOL Customer Support Phone Number

The good thing about the AOL desktop gold is that it can offer you all AOL services in one place. Users can explore and use all AOL services in one place if they are subscribed to the AOL desktop gold. You can use the AOL desktop gold for all kinds of tasks like sending emails and playing online games etc. The AOL desktop gold comes with enhanced security built in to support all kinds of the problems. But sometimes there is an error occurs or it starts running slowly and you aren’t able to do anything.

Well, you can contact the AOL customer service team for extensive support. However, when you find your AOL desktop gold not responding properly you can skim this article for the possible solutions. We have listed a few possible solutions for fixing the issues related to the AOL desktop gold running slowly.

Solutions to try to fix the AOL desktop not Responding 

You can try all these on your own to resolve the issues.

Restart the computer – The first thing you can try is restarting the computer, this may sound silly but the most common problems can be resolved with just restarting the system. This is the easiest solution for this kind of problem, after a restart the unwanted programs will be flushed from the memory and clear the room for AOL desktop golds.

Disabling the Startup programs – These programs automatically start themselves when you start the system or Windows. So, to save some processing power or memory in the RAM you can disable the startup programs. You can disable the startup programs from the task manager in Windows 10. The more programs you disable from the startup the more smooth your system will run as the memory will get a boost and have more headroom for other programs.

Active network connections – Sometimes the slow working of AOL desktop gold could be caused by poor internet connection. First, you need to make sure that you have active high-speed internet connection, check the speed also with a various speed checking websites. You may also need to check the internet routers or switches to make sure that everything is in place. Also, you may need to pause all downloads you have running in the background, as this may slow down the network connection.

Uninstall and reinstall – If your program is not responding correctly even after doing all this then you might need to uninstall the program itself. Because an improper installation could also be the reason behind the slow working of AOL desktop golds. After uninstallation, you need to reinstall the program properly by following the guide for installation of AOL desktop golds.

If you have tried all these measures and you are still facing problems while working on it. Then you need to contact the people at AOL Customer support number for extensive help regarding the particular problem you are facing.

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