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Erase Data on iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5 before Selling

If you want to selling your old iPhone, you should delete everything on iPhone before trade in. Lots of important personal information such as contacts, messages, photos, and music as well as other information stored in your phone, simple deleting operation is not enough, because some iPhone data recovery software can recover deleted data from iPhone, and recover data from iPhone after factory reset.

It's necessary to erase all content and settings on iPhone, you should use a professional iPhone Data Eraser tool to wipe all data from iPhone before selling, give away, or trade.... Erase private data is one of the most important thing need to done when get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch ready for service. This post shows you how to permanently delete data iPhone, and make them unrecoverable.

I have ever used UkeySoft FoneEraser, which is a professional iPhone data eraser tool, it can help me completely erase all data from iPhone and make those erased data 100% unrecoverable, the iPhone data eraser can delete messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, etc., so I re-sell my old iPhone with confidence, don't worry about my data be stolen. What's more, this UkeySoft iPhone data eraser also can erase temporary files and junk files from iPhone; backup photos and videos; delete large files; and uninstalling apps in bulk, so that I can  free up more storage to speed up the device.

Key Features:

Permanently erase data and settings from iPhone/iPad/iPod, 100% zero recoverability.
Wipe iPhone SMS, contacts, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, etc.
Clear junk files, temp files to free up space.
Delete private data before selling, in order to protect your privacy.
Backup photos and videos to Mac computer.

How to wipe all personal data and erase your iPhone and iPad before selling

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft FoneErase and connect iPhone to computer

Step 2. Select "Erase All Data" to analyze the device

Step 3. Click "Erase" button start deleting all data and settings with 1 click.

After completely erase iOS data and settings, not data recovery can recover them back, you iPhone looks like a new one, now you can resell your old phone with confidence.
Tips: If your iPhone runs slowly, this iPhone data eraser also enables you free up space on iPhone with 1 click.

Thanks for sharing. A tool called Joyoshare iPhone passcode remover on win can do the same. I have ever used it.

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