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Export Outlook OST to Office 365

OST file for offline backup. You can manually export all Outlook data from an old OST backup file in your computer to your Office 365 account by exporting OST file data to PST file using Import/Export wizard in Outlook and then upload the PST file to Office 365 using network upload method.

This manual method is very complicated and lengthy. There is also a risk of data loss during this process. vMail OST Converter is an email conversion tool which can scan all data from the ost file and directly export to Office 365 in just a few steps without losing any data. User-interface of this tool is very simple and easy-to-use. This OST file converter supports OST files from MS Outlook versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and older.

Learn More- Export OST to Office 365

export ost to office 365


if your ost file is not accessible and you can see your ost mail try stella ost to pst converter software to convert your ost file data in to pst file. Stella ost to pst converter software convert all the items of the ost file in to pst file. Stella ost to pst converter software convert all the items in to office 365 account. For more info visit this link https://www.stelladatarecovery.com/ost-to-pst.html


It quite simple to open OST file in Office 365. You just have to follow two steps:

Step 1: Convert OST File into PST Format

Step 2: Upload PST to Office 365

Let's see how to perform OST to Office 365 migration step by step:

Step 1: Convert OST to PST

To convert OST into PST file format, you can go with manual as well as the automated solution. But, I would like to tell you that if you will choose a manual solution then you will only be able to convert OST emails into PST. You can export other items such as contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. into PST format. To overcome this situation, you have to go with SysTools OST to PST converter to export complete OST file's data into PST format without any data loss.

Step 2: Upload PST File to Office 365

After getting the resultant PST file, you have to import PST into Office 365 account. Let's see how to import PST into Office 365.

Yes, there are 3 methods to import PST file into Office 365 account. Let's see one by one:

1. Office365Import Tool: This is not a free solution. You have to spend some money to upload PST file into Office 365. But, this tool works magically and capable to import Outlook (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.) PST file into Office 365 mailbox without getting any issue. It provides "Incremental Import Option" (data will not overwrite or will not create the replica of any item if you have already imported a few of your data to Office 365). You can use the "Pause" option if you want to stop the import process.

2. Network Upload: Use network upload to import Outlook PST files to Office 365 Online manually without paying to any third party. Let's see how to upload PST to Office 365: Import PST to Office 365 Step by Step Using Network Upload Method

3. Office 365 Drive Shipping: Use the Office 365 Import service and drive shipping to bulk-import PST files to user mailboxes. Drive shipping means that you copy the PST files to a hard disk drive and then physically ship the drive to Microsoft. Read more: Use drive shipping to import your organization PST files to Office 365

PS: If you have a budget, then you should go for "Solution 1" for better results. Otherwise, You can go for "Solution 2 and 3".

The choice is all yours. Add on to this, to get details about Exchange to Office 365 Migration, visit O365CloudExperts.

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These days many third-party tools are available on the web, which provides a solution to import OST to Office 365 account. Shoviv for OST to Office 365 Migration tool is one of them. Using this tool, you can import OST as well as PST into Office 365, Outlook Profile Stores, new PST, EML, MSG, and Exchange Server. You can download a free demo version of this tool as well. Read More:


Dowload MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration Tool to migrate OST to Exchange Online mailboxes. A simple software to import all damaged, IMAP, offline, Exchange Server, Hotmail OSTs to Microsoft 365 account. Get the best OST to Office 365 Conversion that is free from any type of risk while uploading single or multiple OSTs to O365 cloud mailboxes.

Get the tool here: http://www.psttooffice365.com/ost-to-office-365-migration-tool.php

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If you search the best ost to pst migration tool try stella ost to pst converter software to migrate your ost file data in to pst file. Stella ost to pst migration tool migrate all the email items, contacts items, calendars items, task items, notes items and many other items of the ost file in to pst and eml, msg and office 365. For more info visit this link https://www.stelladatarecovery.com/ost-to-pst-recovery.html

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