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How smart contracts are transforming the E-commerce industry?

The blockchain technology has successfully commanded the attention of the general public for a while now. Although it was the popularity of bitcoins that essentially put blockchain on the roadmap to familiarity, blockchain technology has begun to revolutionize the way the E-commerce industry operates with the introduction of smart contracts.
The application of blockchain technology is best observed in the way smart contracts are designed. Smart contracts are basically agreements that auto-execute when all the parties involved fulfil the terms and conditions required. These agreements are then stored on blocks of data protected by cryptographic encryption.
Smart contracts have proven extremely important for E-commerce operations. When a user makes a purchase through an e-commerce platform, the smart contract is programmed to release the value of the purchase into the seller’s wallet only after both the buyer and seller have met the conditions required to meet the transaction process. Until then, the amount is held up by the smart contract.
Another way in which a smart contract operates is by eliminating middlemen in the process of the transaction. By doing so, a huge amount of money usually devoted to transaction fees is reduced. The ease of making a transaction and the faster process are other off-shoot effects of automating transactions with the help of smart contracts.
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