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How To Build An On-Demand Uber Clone?

Complete guide on developing an On-demand Uber clone app including insights on the on-demand taxi app technology stack, business - revenue model, cost and features. Here's the Guide to creating Uber clone app

Technology Stack


To process and handle numerous user requests, driver routes, and other data, you need your server. So, approach a web hosting partner and try getting a dedicated server to run your operations smoothly.


The most common programming languages that are used by Uber for the back-end developments are Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails. Know what works for you and approach your developers to implement it.


For location and tracking facility, Uber uses OpenStreetMap API, which is applicable for both iOS/Android. But few developers use Google Maps and Google Location Services API for Android applications and MapKit or CoreLocation framework for iOS devices.


Use payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK to support all type of in-app payments. When you take Uber, it uses Braintree.


Uber uses Google Firebase for Android and Apple Push for iOS phones to integrate push notification feature.


Cloud communication platforms like Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo can be used. But when you focus Uber, it uses Twilio for SMS sendouts.


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