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How to Resolve AOL Desktop GOLD Won't Open Issue

AOL is one of the standard emailing interfaces whose development team holds the main vision and mission to get a few exceptional features. Unlike other emailing business portfolios, it consists of pretty attribute to accomplish business work smartly. Having seen the overall descriptive configuration and setting in AOL emailing service, various components plays an important role for redirecting positive results in it. But sometimes when a user clicks on AOL icon, user find that the AOL Gold Icon Not Responding. The AOL desktop gold is one of the valuable versions to do maximum volume works without getting into any risky incidence. An individual should reach through AOL gold desktop as it does certain business work with more friendly behavior as you never achieve.


A number of persons can’t discard overall functionality and feature of AOL emailing interface even though something happens wrong with it.  It is normal incidence that AOL Gold Icon not responding. Some tough time arrives in it and you are incapable to capture certain result.

AOL Gold Icon Not Responding

Living in this typical situation, you look forward to get the full answer of all related query in all certain time. Hence, it is bit required not to live with fuss and straight forwardly to seek the in-depth solution for this.

Troubleshoot AOL Gold Icon Not Responding

  • Restart System as it is the quickest solution that you can try
  • Make sure to use fast internet Network connection
  • Check for malware as well as Trojan horses and perform scanning and Removing Malicious Software
  • Outdated software can cause this issue, so make sure to update the AOL Software on regular basis

Advanced Troubleshooting steps when AOL Gold Icon is not responding:

  • Ensure that the desktop gold’s source files is not corrupted
  • Try disabling anti-virus and firewall for temporarily basis
  • Sometimes by restoring windows settings you can eliminate AOL gold icon not responding issue
  • In the end if nothing work, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

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