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ico consulting services



The world of cryptocurrency is fairly new. Yet, the advantages it provides is accelerating its popularity across the planet. The digital currency is increasingly being preferred by businesses of all kinds to fund their start up projects. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a type of funding that exchanges crypto coins for fiat currency or other forms of cryptocurrency. ICOs offer a gamut of benefits over its traditional counterpart, an Initial Public Offering, they are


    • Increment of Value - Purchasing a project’s coin may be of little value during the initial growth stages of the company, but the value of the coin can greatly increase over time with the progress of the company.


  • Trade Perks - Investors can use the coins they acquire from projects they’ve invested in and trade them with other cryptocurrencies. This accumulates the value of the investor’s crypto coins.
  • Liquidity - ICOs grant investors with high liquidity. This greatly appeals to individuals who are interested to invest.



Learn about ICO marketing, technology, its legalities and capital raising procedures with Blockchain App Factory’s ico consulting services.



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