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Identifying hardware issue


I splitted this from GCC-7.2 thread to keep that topic clean for gcc relevants. Several segmentation faults occurring when compiling different packages. Most commonly llvm and libreoffice fails. I re-checked my RAM with Memtest (4th time) and now it failed again after the last check without errors. This makes me believe, another component but not the RAM might be the issue since a RAM issue should be reproduceable every time I guess? Maybe my Intel Core i7 became damaged because the heat paste started to be bad (had 99 ° C for a while, now is cool again when I replaced the heat paste - my PC is 4 Years old and I would like to try to repair it) Do you have an idea how I can check all components? Will burn-in-tests like Prime95 or something similar be a good choice? Maybe package "CPU-burn"?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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