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Implement the best Business Model for your Food Delivery Platform

Now, business models are the indicators of how the app’s systems work. It is advisable to choose your best-suited model based on your resources. Some of the popular business models for UberEats like App development include,
  • The order only model: In this type, your app acts as a virtual platform connecting restaurants with users. Users can place orders through your platform. Once the order is placed, the entire responsibility of delivering the food orders to people’s doorsteps lies with the restaurants. While this model is risk-free, the popularity of it is quite low when compared to others.
  • The order and delivery model: In this type, besides food ordering, you take care of the delivery, as well. You need to have a separate delivery chain to take care of deliveries. This is one of the most preferred models by entrepreneurs as it generates increased revenue.
  • The fully integrated model: The fully integrated model takes care of everything from accepting users’ food orders, preparing the food, and delivering it to their doorsteps. Platforms preferring this model usually have hubs or kitchens to prepare the food as soon as possible. This model is the highest revenue-generating model among the three.

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