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1888-652-8714 @ Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails windows 7

Microsoft Outlook – it is a personal information manager as one gets it as a part of the Microsoft office suite. It includes calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taking, journal, and web browsing. It is used by an individual for multiple reasons. Microsoft has also come up with a mobile app including for iOs and Android users.

Outlook to provide best services keeps launching new versions so that they are well versed with the technology and helps each one of us to stay connected, however, it is technology so there can be some concern related to it while using the services

Outlook not receiving emails – if emails stop responding, one gets the feeling that life has come to a halt as in today’s time our life revolves around that email, one can take the steps as mentioned if one is not able to send and receive the email

The basic steps mentioned below will make a difference in resolving the concern

First one has to ensure that the internet connection is working properly

To see if it is working open the web browser and type any URL

Click on enter, searches will start showing if not then internet is not working

Check Internet E- mail settings

Click on File on the top of the left side of the outlook

Among the available options click on Account Settings

A window will come where you will be able to see your email address another thing which needs to be checked is under type there is POP or IMAP/SMTP written there

Double click the email address and click on more settings

Among the listed options select Advance which will give the information about the incoming and outgoing server numbers

The incoming server should show – IMAP and the port number should be 993or 995

The outgoing server should show – SMTP and the port number should be 587or 465

Click on ok and then select next, it will show that the account settings are tested

By taking the steps mentioned above one will start getting the emails from the recipient, if still, the concern persists one can seek help from the community and even for the technical department

Outlook account recovery



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