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Milestones of ICO launch-Boom your cryptocurrency-based company with capital funds!

ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is the earliest crowdfunding technique which trades new launch cryptocurrency tokens for existing popular fiat or cryptocurrencies. ICO promotes the exchange of upcoming cryptocurrencies even before the launch of the product!

Here’re the major milestones of launching ICO! Let’s glance through!

Releasing your WhitePaper

Kick-starting your ICO project steps ahead with the launch of the project’s promising whitepaper. The whitepaper must describe the entire project process, risks, trading potential, team behind the scenes of launching your ICO and much more details with a proper technical roadmap.

You can step forward to establish the phases of your project and the tasks involved. But, beware, most promising whitepaper with completely optimistic goals may turn back as the devil to your project that can make investors wild during risks!

Token-Sale & Marketing

Once the promising whitepaper is in your hands, you can release that to the potential investors who can raise funds for your capital needs. Usually, the pre-sale ICO phase is dedicated to whitelist investors of the community blog. 

If you’re having an idea of launching an ICO, it’s better to create your own website pages for updating your project phases. The authoritative websites build much trust for potential investors. 

Pre-sale & Public sale 

ICO token sale occurs in two phases. Pre-sale, Public Sale. Pre-sale tokens are dedicated to potential investors and it's like rewarding with bonus tokens to the earliest investors. Hence the pre-sale ICO phase is limited!

Public Sale ICO phase is open to all the investors and prolongs tills the capital funding goals are met. Maximum funds are raised from the public sale phase of ICO.

Upcoming ICO analysis

If the new launch ICO does not meet the expectations of raising capital funds, take up the successful brand new ICO’s whitepaper which is yet to be launched and make a keen analysis. 

You can learn the expectations of the investors and upgrade the ICO project which can be relaunched into the market.

Regular updates on the progression

You’re not yet done! ICO is not only for raising funds. You must completely develop the cryptocurrency and offer them to the token investors. During the development phase, many people fail to render regular updates to their investors which makes them feel like scammers.

You’re into the business, hence your brand must be a trusted one, hence even the risks or downfalls in the project must be regularly posted on your sites.

If you’re seeking for the best ICO development company to join hands within all the phases of your ICO project, we render our palms!


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