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Offline Flashcards App


I used flashcards incessantly on my phone and Ipad, but when I am underground commuting or someplace without a wi-fi or cell signal I can't keep it up, and I spend a lot of time commuting every day. Is it possible to have a flashcard app that can be used offline but will sync to our accounts when we have online access? For example, say I do my flashcards for certain lessons offline using the app. While I am offline, my progress is not reflected in the flashcards section of my Japanesepod101 account on the Internet. However when I come back above ground and have internet access again, I can sync the app with my Jpod101 account and then my online flashcards will update to reflect the progress I made offline. Is such an app possible? Also, why do I occasionally get "greyed out" flashcards as an error?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

Hi John,

I looked at the link you referenced.   The question you're posing about offline access and flash cards being greyed out is specific to the flashcard app that you're using, so an answer would would need to come from the persons responsible for developing the flash card app that you use.  I would say it would be technically possible, yes, but depending on the delivery method the application team chooses it may not fit with their business model, and their current code may not support an offline mode.  I can only suggest opening a support ticket with the developer to suggest it as a new feature in a future release.



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