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pst splitter tool

If you are looking for the best way to split large PST file into multiple small PST files, in that case, I would recommend you try PST Splitter tool that smoothly works with all versions of MS Outlook and allows users to split large size PST file into multiple small PST files. It provides four options to split PST file

This PST Splitter is the advanced Software that helps users can smoothly break oversized PST files into small parts by date, size, year and folder within few seconds. Split unlimited PST files with specific date ranges selected by users. Breaks large PST files without damaging any data. It is a safe splitting process. Easily breaks large PST files without installing of MS-Outlook. Support in all Windows and also Outlook Version. Free Version is also available to free download. https://www.pcinfotools.com/pst-splitter/

Steps to BreakUp or Split PST Files Effortlessly.

Step 1: Install Split PST Software and Run.
Step 2: Click on the Browse button and select the PST file for splitting.
Step 3: Now explore the selected PST file and click on the Next button.
Step 4: Select the split options for the selected PST file.
Step 5: Now, choose Split PST file by size and click on the Next button.
Step 6: Enter the size of the PST file and click on the Browse button to select the destination path to save the restaurant file.
Step 7: Click on the Split PST File button to successfully split up your selected PST file.

Hope this helps you.

Download Split Outlook PST Tool. to Split large PST files into small parts. Breaks PST files into small pieces by date, size, year, and folder. Breaks large PST files in ANSI and UNICODE formats. Breaks PST files in all Version of Windows and Outlook. Breaks PST files without damaging any data. the software works without installing Outlook. Demo Version also available in this tool. Visit here for more info: https://www.softakensoftware.com/split-outlook-pst.html

Hey, check out the best and most reliable PST Splitter Tool, which can easily split the PST files into smaller ones. It also supports the ANSI and UNICODE PST files. It comes with a user-friendly GUI which makes it easy to use even for non-tech users also.

I am here with one of the safest solution that will easily split large PST file into smaller parts. So, for that just try the expert solution and then easily with no data loss split PST FILE.

If users have any difficulty in managing Large PST Files in Outlook. Then here is a blog that will help you out to mange PST file easily without effecting real data. Just try the solution and get the way to split PST file

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