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Richard Mille RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Replica Watch


URWERK Compressed Air Power View


On Apr 16, 2008, URWERK launched the world's first view, which uses compressed air flow to regulate the clockwork program. The UR-202 has a 3-position selector switch that handles the level of air compression created by its miniature twin generators, which in turn controls the speed associated with automatic winding. Urwerk 103 UR-103T AlTiN


Upon April 16, 2008, URWERK released the world's very first watch, which uses compacted air to regulate the clockwork system. The UR-202 features a 3-position selector switch which controls the level of air data compresion produced by its miniature double turbines, which in turn controls the rate of automatic winding.


Just like URWERK's final product line, the UR-103 collection, the UR-202 has a distinctive time display, which utilizes a rotating, retractable minute hands to display the hours as well as points to the display at the end of the watch, which is noticeable with hours. minute.


The UR-103 sequence uses a rotating ring to change the UR-202's tripod-like switch. It is also available in a variety of styles, including titanium aluminum nitride models and diamond-set variations. The UR-103 has a reserve of power indicator, fine-tuning screws and also timer on the bottom display. RICHARD MILLE RM 11-05 Flyback


URWERK SA started in 1997 by siblings Felix, Thomas Baumgartner along with Martin Frei. Their set up mission is to advance the style of watches with a wide range of motivation from the NASA space shuttle service to the classic science fictional movie " Metropolis". Title URWERK is derived from " Ur" (an ancient Sumerian city). The concept of punctuality has been created for more than 6000 years, whilst " Werk" comes from Indonesia and is used for work, development, development or shaping.


New materials in the world Urwerk


Within 2015, Urwerk reinterpreted the two iconic models by utilizing new materials: the band of UR-210 is made of metal, and the bezel of UR-110 is made of precious wood.


Urwerk’s satellites may display time and show difficult complexity, so it is a UFO in the high-level watch business, which is particularly weird from this point of view. Indeed, it regularly got on the opera stage from the " Geneva Theatre" throughout the " Watch Awards". It really is here that on Oct 31, 2014, its EMC model won two honours: mechanical anomaly and development.


Steel seat belt and new contrast

However , in early 2015, the rand name paid tribute to other versions. Urwerk has made 35 duplicates of UR-210 on a iron strap, which is tailored to match a particular case. This is the 4th version of this watch released in 2012. This year, it really is equipped with a crown officer to ensure the perfect assembly in the strap and case. In this brand new version, Urwerk tries to make simpler the time display as much as possible through handling the contrast of colours and materials. Jacob & Co Astronomia Art Tigers


URWERK UR-210S stainlesss steel strap


The actual black DLC-treated titanium precious metal hand contrasts with the stainless-steel minute track, the satellite's metallic gray and circular particle disk. The second option can be seen through components that offer a three-dimensional view. The particular retrograde pointer is very attractive, jumping to the next satellite each and every 60 minutes.


This particular watch still has a super shine function, but the colors are very different. The beak of the palm is red, and more remarkably, the number with satellites is actually black. We obviously are not able to expect them to provide outstanding performance, but this is not the required effect. The co-founder of the trademark, Felix Baumgartner, explained: " Its brightness is almost absolutely no, but I am interested in the sense provided by superluminova. " This specific version of the UR-210 continues to have a power reserve indicator in 1 o'clock, There is a turning efficiency indicator at eleven o'clock. This is an original functionality that indicates whether the enjoy has gained energy inside the first two hours in line with the wearer’s movements. Then, using the results, you can choose to increase the actual resistance of the oscillating bulk with the regulator on the back side of the part. top quality replica watches


Tweed and valuable wood cheer for the last


And because of the wish to constantly explore new places, it has rapidly updated 4-seasons catalog, and each model has just been produced for a few many years. The longest duration will be UR-103, which has been produced with regard to 7 years. As for the UR-110 on sale since 2011, this year will be reinterpreted as the wood decoration edition for the last time, and it will become called " UR-110 Eastwood".


The viser of the work is reduce from precious wood, as well as its tweed strap makes it a genuine aesthetic revolution. In fact , the particular strap was signed simply by Timothy Everest, a Greater london celebrity tailor who outfitted Elton John and made an appearance in Mission: Impossible) created Tom Cruise's suit. Each one of the ten watches produced (including five in Macassar Afro and five in red-colored sandalwood (also known as " red ivory" )) is going to be equipped with a set of three band. Two of them will primarily use brown or eco-friendly Prince of Wales Tweed, while the third will use material made of Kevlar fiber, that could be used in UR-210Y.


We may be surprised to discover that Urwerk uses wooden that has never been utilized before, especially for the bent bezel, whose outline is similar to UR-110. " This is a gorgeous challenge that is considered insurmountable. However , " impossible" ways more attractive, so we accepted typically the challenge", Martin Frei, co-founder of the brand explain. Felix Baumgartner also emphasized that timber is a noble and energetic material that manages in order to " evoke emotions instead of insist on technical performance no matter what. " In the future, he will notice satellites arouse people's feelings, and things like EMC tend to be deeply rooted in technologies. HYT H1

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