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What are Booming Business for the Upcoming Years?

On-demand Multi-services App - A demand in the market?

People find it comfortable if they can order a pizza, book a cab and shop groceries in a single app. Multi-tasking is the need of the fast ticking hour. A multiservice app can be hugely profitable considering the demand of the people. Some interesting stats for your view,

  • According to Statista, the global e-Commerce platform will generate $4.8 trillion by 2021.

  • There were 204 Billion number of App downloads in 2019 indicating people demand more from the market.

  • 23 companies have already generated revenue of more than $1 billion by January 2019 through the on-demand industry.

  • According to Intuit’s economic survey, 63% of the workers are leaning towards the on-demand market for supplementary income.

It is crystal clear that people are tending more and more towards on-demand service apps. This multi-services app market is expected to mushroom it’s way to the top of the pile. Now is the time to step into this multi-billion dollar business venture.

Betting has evolved as a major sport in recent years. There are no signs of a perfect betting app and this gives you the scope and opportunity to develop an app that can satisfy the needs of the users. Before entering this Sports betting app development venture, you are entitled to know the basic guidelines.

  • Coding Knowledge: Apps like Bet365 clone are produced by developers with adequate coding knowledge. These developers must satisfy your needs and specifications regarding the app.
  • Economy involved: You must be well aware of the economy that is involved to create a sports betting app like Bet365. If the finance acquired is less than what is expected, consider developing a low scale betting app.
  • Development and Management: Once you have decided the revenue and identified the developers to produce your app, you begin the development of the app. It is a well-known fact that managing the app is very much essential than developing the app.
  • Type of sports and their popularity: The geographical location where the app functions play a crucial role in deciding the betting model as well as the betting category of the sport.
  • Input from bookies: Bookies can provide you clear insights about the standard and status of each player involved in betting. These play a crucial role in determining the profit-share of every match.

Sports betting app development has seen a tremendous rise in recent times. Promotions of the app can greatly help in attaining popularity among the users. Advanced planning and proper utilization of resources can help you achieve a greater altitude of success in this business.

The growing market for flower delivery apps:

  • The global flower business generated revenues as high as $60 billion in 2019.
  • $27 billion is annually spent on Floral products in the US.
  • Almost 84,000 people are employed in the floral industry in the US.
  • The total value of cut flower sales alone amounts to $7.5 billion.
  • A Flower Shop in the US generates more than $320,000 annually.

These signify the growth and vastness of the flower delivery market. Investing in such an emerging market can be ideal for any business owner.

The best online flower delivery service app can be obtained by approaching an app development company. An app development company can provide flower delivery app scripts. The apps are completely customizable and are developed according to the specifications of the user.

By the Modern technology the world of dating has changed significantly with on-demand dating apps entering the picture. This market has proved to be an extremely profitable business venture. This app has caught the attention of most of the entrepreneurs across the globe.

The dating market flourished upon the entry of apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. Day-by-day, the market for these apps continues to rise leading to a potential investment in this business.


If you are looking for Dating App development, some features of the app must be known. They are,

Essential Features of the Dating App: 

  • Virtual Geo-Location: Dating apps require a virtual location of users to suggest matches in the locality of users.
  • Gender Interest: By this feature, users can search for matches based on their gender interests.
  • Age-based Matches: By specifying the age of matches, users can be provided with suggestions of the same.
  • Discovery Settings: This feature allows users to toggle between their availability. Whenever users feel that he/she isn’t available now or intends to take a break, he/she can toggle between the discovery settings.


Advanced features of the Dating App: 

  • Chat with matched profile users: Once profiles are matched, the users are allowed to chat with each other using the in-app chat facility.
  • Like, Super Like, Reject Profiles: With this feature, users can like, super like different profiles based on their interests. The super like feature would mean an increased interest of the user towards a profile.

This online dating business venture is facing an exponential growth rate. There is a void in the market that can be filled by developing user-friendly dating apps. The advanced features of the app can provide the cutting edge of the app over the existing ones. If you are looking for a custom-built dating app, Appdupe can provide you with a 100% customizable best tinder clone in the market.

Now that we know the scope of this on-demand multi-service market, what are the services that fare excellently well in the market?

The services offered can greatly influence the productivity of the app. The top-performing apps include,

1. Transportation

2. Food delivery

3. Healthcare

4. Services of Household including Babysitting, plumbing, etc.

5. Multi-Vendor E-commerce platform

6. Logistics and Fleet management

These services are of major demand across the globe. But providing services that suit your locality can be highly beneficial. How does one decide the services that are to be offered?

Launch your business with a custom-built E-wallet app development. The app has functionalities and features that enable users to rely on the app. The app is white-labeled which means that you can customize your brand, logo, company name, etc., according to your business needs
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