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What educational sources do you use?

What educational sources do you use to write good essay?

In fact, despite the large number of similar sites on the Internet, it's really difficult to find good site for students with different tools and articles that can really help you in your studies. I have been looking for this for a long time and I chose StudentShare because this site has all the information that I might need to write good essay, there are samples of written assignments and there are a lot of them here, and you shouldn't underestimate the help of special tools, for example, GPA calculator or generator essay topics that I use frequently. On this site you can use all of the above for free and it's really cool because it saves you time and this  is great way to improve your grades on writing assignments. I have found examples here for essays on very difficult topics several times and this saved me from failure, because until I read a couple of essays on this topics, I had no idea what I should write about.

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