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What kind of assets can be tokenized?

What is asset tokenization? 

In simple terms, tokenization of assets is nothing but the conversion of real-world asset values into digital tokens backed by blockchain technology. Tokenization helps divide the ownership rights of property into different shares. It also involves several other benefits like increased liquidity, globalization, easier access, elimination of third parties, blockchain immutability, user anonymity, etc. There are different kinds of asset tokenization, let’s find out what they are.

What kind of assets can be tokenized? 

Asset Tokenization

  • Intangible assets – Intangible assets are the ones that don’t exist physically, such as trademarks, patents, carbon credits, copyrights, etc.
  • Fungible assets – Fungible assets can be easily replaced by an identical item. Fungible assets include tons of gold, metals, grains, etc.
  • Non-Fungible assets – The assets that cannot be divided in the real-world, but through digitization, are non-fungible tokens, such as art, real estate, cars, etc.
  • Financial Tokens – Financial tokens include gold, precious metals, stones, gems, monetary vessels, etc.

Now let’s move onto the development of your asset tokenization platform. To develop a legit platform, you need to follow a few basic essential steps before entering into the development process.  What are they? Let’s see.  https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/blog/asset-tokenization-rising-trend-for-investment-in-2020/


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