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Why the Education sector Needs Blockchain, Explained

Blockchain technology gained immense popularity as the vehicle for cryptocurrency transactions. Ever since blockchain’s inception in 2008, it has come a long way from being solely associated with cryptocurrency. Popularly known as a “digital ledger”, it has found its way into various industries because of its favorable features.

By offering several advantages over conventional trade and ledger systems, blockchain technology development is increasingly being sought after by businesses. Among the various industries that blockchain can cater to, the education sector can greatly benefit from utilizing the new technology. Here’s what role blockchain plays in the education sector.

Read Full Article @ http://bit.ly/2ZgOLpL

Hi Riya,

I agree with you that blockchain is the future of education, it allows to save a huge amount of information in the original format, no changes so everybody can check the correctness. As the blockchain system allows to save several copies of data. It allows getting safety to the permanent work of the system.

I used to work on the article about blockchain in the education and found out that this is only preparation for different changes, there will appear new smart technologies based on artificial intelligence so such services as https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html will be transformed totally. We will get a new way of education, but I'm sure that the sphere of blockchain will be developing for the next decades.


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