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Welcome to The SAN Guy blog! Thank you for reading my posts and for supporting my site, I appreciate all of the comments and positive feedback I’ve received over the years. A new addition to my blog is the ability for guests to submit posts for publishing. I’ve received many comments and emails over the years with some great ideas and content, so I wanted to give the opportunity to my readers to submit related content that may be useful to the storage community in general.

Below is a list of all of the posts and articles I’ve written over the years, grouped by general category.

Scripting (Automation and Reporting). Over the years I’ve created a ton of windows and UNIX scripts to automate tasks and create custom reports, most of which I’ve created blog posts about. Below is a list of all of my posts that include custom scripts that I’ve written.

View Scripting Alias and Zone creation for Brocade Switches
View Scripting automatic reports for Isilon from the CLI
View Automating Config / Zone backups for Brocade Switches
View Easy reporting on data domain using the autosupport log
View Reporting on Clariion / VNX Block Storage Pool capacity with a bash script
View Reporting on Trespassed LUNs
View Reporting on Soft media errors
View Disk space reporting on sub folders on a Celerra/VNX File CIFS shared file system
View Reporting on LUN auto-tier distribution
View Tiering reports for EMC’s FAST VP
View Reporting on Celerra / VNX NAS Pool capacity with a bash script
View Celerra replication monitoring script
View Automating Storage Processor % Utilization alerts with EMC Performance Manager
View Alerting on Celerra / VNX File SP Failover
View Scripting an alert for checking the availability of individual CIFS server shares
View Reporting on the the auto-tiering job state
View Auto transferring reports from a Celerra to a windows web server via FTP
View Auto generating daily performance graphs with EMC Control Center / Performance Manager
View Pure Storage data reduction report
View Reporting on the Estimated Job Completion Times for FAST VP Data Relocation
View Scripting a VNX/Celerra to Isilon Data Migration with EMCOPY and Perl
View Custom Reporting with Isilon OneFS API Calls

Command References. My posts that contain command and password references are some of the most viewed on my site. Here’s a list of all of them.

View Useful Brocade FOS CLI Commands
View Useful Celerra / VNX File Commands
View Celerra Health Check with CLI Commands
View Undocumented Celerra / VNX File commands
View Using the database query option on Celerra & VNX File commands
View EMC ECS CLI Command Reference
View Isilon CLI Command Reference
View Brocade Switch Type Matrix
View Default Passwords for IT Vendors

Troubleshooting. This group of posts relate to specific technical issues I’ve had over the years, and what I did to resolve them.

View VMWare/ESX can’t write to a Celerra Read/Write NFS mounted datastore
View Powerpath Install / Upgrade Issues
View Can’t join CIFS Server to domain – sasl protocol violation
View Powerpath commands in AIX causing unexpected errors / initialization errors.
View Problem with soft media errors on SSD drives and FastCache
View DM Interconnect failure with Celerra Replicator
View How to troubleshoot EMC Control Center WLA Archive issues
View A guide for troubleshooting CIFS issues on the Celerra
View Unable to provision Celerra storage?
View Long Running FAST VP relocation job
View Frequent 0x622 and 0x606 errors in the SP Event Logs
View Rescan Storage System command on Celerra results in conflict:storageID-devID error
View Celerra / VNX File replication job creation errors when selecting destination
View Errors when creating new replication jobs
View VPLEX initiator paths dropped
View Close requests fail on data mover when using Riverbed Steelhead appliance
View Celerra Disk Provisioning Wizard incorrectly believes there are not enough drives available for provisioning
View Web interface disabled on brocade switch
View Dynamic allocation pool limit has been reached
View VPLEX Unisphere Login hung at “Retrieving Meta-Volume Information”
View Troubleshooting NAS Discovery issues on EMC Ionix Control Center (ECC)
View VNX NAS Files incorrectly report as Locked for Editing

Guides. These posts are more instructional, and provide the steps necessary to resolve various hardware and software tasks.

View SAN Performance Metrics
View How to scrub/zero out data on a decommissioned VNX or Clariion
View Disabling Telnet on Brocade Switches
View Collecting info on active shares, clients, protocols, and authentication on the Celerra
View Testing Disaster Recovery for VDM’s and CIFS servers
View Generating and installing SSL requests, keys, and certificates on EMC ECS
View Installing the EMC ECS CLI Package
View VPLEX Health Check
View Using the server_stats command on Celerra / VNX File
View The steps for NFS exporting a file system on a VDM
View Use the CLI to determine replication job throughput
View How to reserve a Celerra / VNX NAS share for a single file type or group of file types
View How to create a clone of a file system on a Celerra or VNX using nas_copy
View Relocating Celerra Checkpoints
View Upgrading EMC Ionix Control Center from Update Bundle 12 (UB12) to Update Bundle 14 (UB14)
View Optimizing Java Memory for Navisphere / Unisphere
View Adding a Celerra to a Clariion storage domain from the CLI
View Strategies for implementing Multi-tiered FAST VP Storage Pools
View Gathering performance data on a virtual windows server
View Using Microsoft’s BranchCache with the Celerra & VNX
View Adding/Removing modules from a datamover
View Use the CLI to quickly determine the size of your Celerra checkpoint filesystems
View Creating an NFS export from a file system on a Virtual Data Mover (VDM)
View Matching LUNs and UIDs when presenting VPLEX LUNs to Unix hosts
View Celerra data mover performance and port configuration
View Easy File Extension filtering with EMC Celerra
View Archiving NAZ and NAR files from EMC VNX and Clariion arrays
View Using isi_vol_copy_vnx for VNX to Isilon data migration
View Changing the Login banner on a Celerra / VNX File control station
View NetApp FAS Zero disk procedure
View Block and File VNX Password Change Procedure
View Filesystem Alignment
View Mutiprotocol VNX File Systems: Listing and counting Shares & Exports by file system
View Root replication checkpoints
View A guide for troubleshooting CIFS issues on the Celerra
View Isilon Mitrend Data Gathering Procedure

Articles. These posts are general articles about storage related topics. These represent more of my opinions on the subject matter rather than my other more technically detailed posts.

View Storage Class Memory and Emerging Technologies
View The Future of Storage Administration
View Open Source Storage Solutions
View Defining Software-Defined Storage: Benefits, Strategy, Use Cases, and Products
View A Primer on Object Storage
View Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and the Storage Industry
View What’s the difference between a Storage Engineer and a Storage Administrator?
View What is VPLEX?
View What is EMC’s CAVA / Common Event Enabler?
View Making a case for file archiving
View What’s new in FLARE 32?

Other. These are various posts I’ve made that don’t fit neatly into the above categories or are now a bit out of date.

View VNX vs. V7000
View VNX vs. XIV
View Gartner’s Market Share Analysis for Storage Vendors
View Magic Quadrant for Storage Vendors
View Performance Data Collection/Discovery issues in ProSphere 1.5.0
View EMC World 2012 – Thoughts on Isilon
View ProSphere 1.6 Updates
View EMC World 2015
View Comparing Dot Hill and EMC Auto Tiering
View Critical Celerra FCO for Mac OS X 10.7
View What’s new in EMC Control Center Update Bundle 14 (UB14)?
View EMC World 2012 – Thoughts on preparing for a VDI deployment

6 thoughts on “The SAN Guy”

  1. Hi,
    I have one question. WE have a VNX7600 storage. Recently we have upgraded its FAST cache from 512GB to 1100GB (Doubled it.) But post upgrade of FAST cache, the utilization of controllers increased by 20-25%. Before the upgrade the utilization on both the controllers were around 50-55% and post upgrade it is 70-75%. Ideally it should decreased. EMC has said it is the normal behaviour post upgrade because whenever FAST cache is upgrade utilization will increase and not decrease. I am not able to understand this. Kindly help in understanding this.

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      It’s hard to say for certain without analyzing your array. I can tell you that The FAST Cache driver has to track every I/O in order to calculate whether a block needs to be promoted to FAST Cache, which adds to the SP CPU utilization. When upgrading FASTCache the cache needs to be deleted and then it slowly recreates after the upgrade as it identifies hot data, which would lead to additional CPU workload at least in the short term. Your best bet for reducing SP utilization would be to Disable FAST Cache for LUNs unlikely to need it, especially LUNs that have sequential I/O, like oracle database logs. I’ll do a complete write-up of FASTCache best practices soon and review the other important things you should take a look at. Thanks for the comment!

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